Cold Chain Circulation "Yantai Model" will be promoted nationwide

Cold Chain Circulation "Yantai Model" will be promoted nationwide

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How to guarantee the quality and safety of fresh foods in the process of transporting fruits and vegetables from the fields to the supermarkets? In Yantai, standardized cold chain logistics is

  How to guarantee the quality and safety of fresh foods in the process of transporting fruits and vegetables from the fields to the supermarkets? In Yantai, standardized cold chain logistics is a guarantee for the transportation of agricultural products and fresh foods. Not long ago, the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce and the State Standards Commission Office jointly issued the Notice on Copying and Promoting Typical Experience Models of Cold Chain Circulation Standardization of Agricultural Products. Yantai was successfully selected as a model city for standardization of cold chain circulation in agricultural products across the country. Yantai focused on promoting the standardization of the cold chain circulation of agricultural products, opened up the cold chain circulation obstruction, and initially formed a full-range cold chain experience model that can be replicated and promoted across the country.


  A few days ago, the reporter and the staff of the Bureau of Commerce of Yantai City together to explore the “Yantai model” of cold chain logistics.
  Cold Chain Circulation “Yantai Model” will be promoted nationwide
  Standardized implementation of cold chain
  Logistics “continuous chain”
  Cold chain logistics, one end connected to the supply side of agricultural products, food, and the other end to connect the needs of the majority of people side, if the “drop chain” will affect food safety and quality, and harm farmers, distributors and consumers and other interests. How can we “continuously chain”?
  “We have built a continuous chain of cold chain logistics integration standards as a working entry point, and gradually established and improved the cold chain circulation standard system,” said Fan Licai, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce. In order to promote the construction of the “standardization system” and ensure the standardization of cold chain throughout the process, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce formulated and implemented the enterprise standards of “Operational Standards for Yantai Fruit and Vegetable Cold Chain Logistics” and the “Group Standards for the Regulation of Fruit Gas Storage Storehouse Management”。 Currently, it has been declared a provincial place. The standard project provides technical support for fruit storage management and cold chain circulation. Through the development and use of Apple's standardized circulation instruments, Apple has achieved storage from the field to the storage area without turning boxes, saving circulation costs and improving circulation efficiency.
  Guide enterprises to implement cold chain logistics standard operation and management, and improve the standardization of circulation. Yantai Xiwang Group promoted “standardization” in three aspects from basic construction, hardware configuration, and management support. It not only established the cold chain operation “longitudinally to the end” of the entire supply chain from raw material procurement, storage, production and processing, product transportation, and sales terminals. The inspection, emergency response and traceability systems have also established a management system based on the “Xiwang Cold Chain Requirements Control Regulations” to ensure the effective operation of the cold chain logistics traceability system. Yantai Haihe Foods Co., Ltd. insists on using the strictest standards to ensure the highest quality and creates a “seven-channel fresh” production process in the processing of seafood products. Each product has to undergo 293 strict inspections, which has reached the same line of domestic and foreign sales. Homogeneous requirements, successfully passed the ISO quality system certification, the United States HACCP certification, the EU registration and many other international authoritative certification.
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