Automatic Line

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Automatic Line
Our Company imported international first-class fully automatic PU and rock wool production line from Italy PUMA, which is the first complete imported panel production line from the last 20 years in China. The technology level of the production line is the first class in the world, the automation level is high, and the whole line is controlled by computer. The function of the production line includes automatic decoiling, automatic coils joining, automatic roll forming, automatic foaming, automatic cutting, automatic packaging and so on. This production line can produce insulation panel with the thickness from 50mm to 250mm. The capacity covers 0.4mm to 0.8mm thickness galvanized color steel, stainless steel as well as embossed aluminium material. All these bring us ability of providing customized requirements from customer. The line speed can reach 2-15 meters per minute. The product quality is consistent with tight tolerance of flatness, water tightness and air tightness, as well as good integrity, excellent mechanical and insulation performance.
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