Double belts

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Doublebelts Thedoublebeltis36meterlong,whichisoneofthelongestdoublebeltsinChina.ComparedwithotherdoublebeltequipmentinChinawhichisnormallylessthan30meters,ourlongerdoublebeltsystemisabletohaveverygood
Double belts 
The double belt is 36 meter long, which is one of the longest double belts in China. Compared with other double belt equipment in China which is normally less than 30 meters, our longer double belt system is able to have very good control on foaming process time. Especially when producing PIR or more than 200 mm thickness panel, the system will be more capable to show better performance. The double belts system can make the chemical reaction of polyols and isocyanates more sufficient, which will result in much stronger molecular structure. The product insulation, stability and fire protection performance is of more superior. The flatness tolerance of the upper and lower double belts is ≤ 0.1mm, which guarantees the high tolerance of foam curing and profile dimensions.
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