Views | How to identify high-quality cold plate products 1 (equipment)

Views | How to identify high-quality cold plate products 1 (equipment)

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It is understood that China's polyurethane cold storage board companies gradually increased, but due to the nature of the product many companies produce polyurethane cold sheet similar, there is not m

  It is understood that China's polyurethane cold storage board companies gradually increased, but due to the nature of the product many companies produce polyurethane cold sheet similar, there is not much difference, most companies are in the low end of the industrial chain. The cold chain logistics industry has been widely used in Europe, the United States, Japan, and other developed countries, with a penetration rate of over 90%, and less than 60% in the eastern part of the country, and less than 30% in the central and western regions. As a kind of excellent energy-saving and heat-insulating material, polyurethane cold-storage board can not only meet the requirements of external ruggedness, but also meet the needs of physical insulation. It is one of the most promising new energy-saving and heat-insulating materials because of its reasonable cost and reusability.


  Cold storage board companies are divided into manual board manufacturing companies and automation equipment manufacturing companies. Some companies are still in a relatively primitive state of production. They use manual molds, manual raw materials, and manual lamination. Compared with the plates produced by automation equipment, the production of polyurethane insulation boards relying on “manual labor” has low added value of hand-board technology and services, and product quality can only meet the needs of small-scale cold storage. The most important feature of polyurethane sheet production in automation equipment is computer-controlled raw materials, continuous production, stable product quality, and high output, which can meet the needs of medium and large cold storage.



  With the severe situation in the cold plate industry, many small manufacturers have started a price war. Since the raw material costs are not fixed, these companies use low-end or non-environmental raw materials to make articles on foam density, stainless steel plates, etc. For example, if the foaming temperature is not enough, the specifications of the stainless steel sheet cannot meet the requirements, and some inferior black materials and white materials will be used.
  The difference between product quality and insulation performance.



  A safe and qualified cold storage not only requires that the refrigeration system guarantee no problem, but also the quality of the sheet determines the thermal insulation performance and fireproof performance of the exterior wall. Therefore, high-quality polyurethane insulation cold storage plates must be used.
  At present, the competition in the cold storage board industry is becoming more and more fierce. The production of high standard and high quality polyurethane sheet has become the standard for the industry to grow and expand. It is inevitable that some small-sized manufacturers with equipment, technology, and poor management are eliminated. In response to market demand, many companies are in transition, only to do high-quality products, can have a better brand effect, such as Hubei Kelly:
  1. “The whole line” of imported Borealis Italy PUMA continuous production line Hubei Corley's PUMA production line imported from Italy, the entire production line includes decoiling system, forming machine system, double track system, foaming system, cutting system, drying board system , Automatic packaging system, program control system, is the second of the country's entire line of imported continuous production lines.



  2. Advantages of the entire imported PUMA production line
  a. The integration of design systems is smoother and more coordinated.
  b. The integrated design of program control system ensures the stability and continuity of production.
  c. The quality of materials used in foreign designs is higher and the accuracy requirements are higher. This ensures that the details of the product are handled more perfectly and the product quality is unmatched by the combined equipment. From the point of view of one-year production, combined with products that cannot be produced or dared to be produced by domestically ranked manufacturers, such as 0.8mm original stainless steel plates and 0.5 or less original stainless steel plates, the entire line can be produced with guaranteed quality performance.


  Under the background of the strategy of vigorously developing cold chain logistics in China, the polyurethane cold storage plate market is showing a trend of blowout, which will inevitably attract more cold storage plate companies to participate in it. The quality of products will cause certain vicious impact on the market. Requires higher requirements on the ability of customers to identify high-quality polyurethane sheet. However, in any case, Hubei Keli will continue to adhere to the quality of the way for our customers to produce first-class products, provide first-class service, with the sincerity of sincerity to accompany customers to go higher and further.