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Since April 2018, with the active development of the national market, the company's sales, production and delivery have gradually entered the normal track.

Since April 2018, with the active development of the national market, the company's sales, production and delivery have gradually entered the normal track.


The company's orders, especially the large orders above 50,000m2, continued to hit. The company's production gradually entered full-load operation. Production, sales, and material control personnel responded positively to the company's call to break the division of labor and work together. In order to ensure timely and accurate product delivery, the Material Control Department actively cooperates with the Production Department and the Sales Department to work together and work overtime. After the inspection of the finished product is completed, the bills are issued synchronously and loaded synchronously. Inspection, billing, loading, and transportation monitoring are performed. There are orderly procedures, etc. All-weather delivery platforms, forklifts and people flow endlessly, and the delivery site is organized.



The loaded trucks and busy workers are carrying out every procedure in an orderly manner. The front sales are hot and the rear is orderly. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company has seen a booming production and sales situation. Hubei Keli just used more than half a year's time to open up the situation after the equipment was installed and sold. In order to fully complete the sales tasks in 2018, to reach full production capacity in 2019, a new rock wool production line was laid.