"Not going home at three in the morning": The people who struggle are worth it

"Not going home at three in the morning": The people who struggle are worth it

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The short film “Do not go home at three in the morning” has recently been on the hot list. The story poke a lot of people's tears.The short film tells the story of several different occupations wo
  The short film “Do not go home at three in the morning” has recently been on the hot list. The story poke a lot of people's tears.
  The short film tells the story of several different occupations working overtime in the middle of the night: a blue screen intern who catches up with a PPT computer late at night; a doctor with a high fever at home but still sticking to his job; and he has no time for a job to take care of him from afar Account manager; still having to go home at 3:30 in the morning to forget the keys but couldn't help but disturb the security of his wife sleeping outside the door…
  Watching a short 5-minute video really touched people. It is gratifying to note that although each late-night overtime worker in the short film has experienced a moment of collapse, it is all waiting for good results:
  The intern's PPT can be late, and the boss tells her “you can make it right”;
  After the doctor finished the operation late at night, her husband sent a message saying, “The child has had fever;”
  Has been busy with the manager of the customer, after the completion of the job is to wait for the boyfriend to propose …
  The short video tells us that life is not easy, and if you work hard, you will have a harvest, and the harvest often has unexpected surprises. This indeed speaks to our hearts and is inspiring. The life and work of modern people are fast-paced, and it's not easy for anyone who works hard outside—you have to fight to reach a certain goal. Only struggle can only persist until you see the dawn.
  Actually, stories like short films abound. Have you seen Hubei Keli at 3 o'clock in the morning? Here are countless “three-point” real stories:
  Just yesterday, the employees of our production line had been busy until three or four points in order to step up the production of a polyurethane sheet for a cold-chain logistics project in Yichang. (As shown below)
  Just a little more than two nights before, I met two of our employees in Colli in the elevator. One was Yuji Tang and the other was Liu Chong. I wondered, “What happened to you? Is it water or sweat? ”They said with a smile:“ Of course it is sweat. ” I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't ask like this. I apologize for my innocence. But it was clear that it was raining, and it was not hot at all. But their blue overalls were soaked, and their faces were filled with an indescribable happiness. I know they are tired. I motioned them out of the elevator. But I still don't understand why overtime is so late and so tired. The scene and the question reverberated in my mind for a long time, and that night, I lost my sleep…
  Just recently, for the Guangzhou LG project to deliver as soon as possible, the sales manager Zheng Sen and the factory employees have been working overtime until two or three in the evening. That table is the best proof. As Manager Zheng Weixin said: We sell not only products, but also quality service! Right, there is also the spirit of struggle, and persistence at night.