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Cutting system

The cutting process can be synchronized with the production speed. This is the use of variable frequency motor to ensure that the cutting process is consistent with the production line speed. The cutt
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  The cutting process can be synchronized with the production speed. This is the use of variable frequency motor to ensure that the cutting process is consistent with the production line speed. The cutting tool can be a band saw or a circular saw. The double station cutting system can prevent the need to stop the production line when changing tools. . The cutting mode equipped with a band saw + circular saw has a bidirectional cutting function. The band saw and the circular saw are equipped with a slewing function and are used for two-way cutting. The band saw is also equipped with a squeegee to ensure that the cutting section is neat and without burrs.
  The main function of the band saw machine is to automatically measure the length of the encoder by measuring the length of the plate according to the required parameters. The automatic cutting of the continuous plate is performed on the premise that the production line does not stop. The band saw used in the production line has high-speed cutting function. The cutting speed reached 7m/min. The feed of the band saw blade adopts a hydraulic proportional throttle valve to control the movement of the cylinder, eliminating the impact of starting, stopping, and switching between the speed and the speed, prolonging the life of the saw blade and cutting the end face of the composite plate.
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