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Foaming system

Puma's foaming machine is based on customer requirements. All components are tested and treated with a high pressure pump. Each section is connected to a thermostat unit using an adiabatic pretreatme
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  Puma's foaming machine is based on customer requirements. All components are tested and treated with a high pressure pump. Each section is connected to a thermostat unit using an adiabatic pretreatment tank to control the temperature. Mixing head is the crystallization of Puma's many years of experience. Its design can prevent polyurethane blockage. When the production line is stopped, the automatic cycle cleaning device starts to work. It can hold 2 mixing heads. If one stops, the other will start automatically. Combining the configuration of 4 uncoilers, it is possible to stop the machine from shutting down due to the clogging of the foam gun head until the end of production on that day, which greatly improves the finished product rate and ensures the product quality.
  The six-component metering line is equipped with a mass flowmeter with a closed-loop control system. The system can achieve all the operating parameters required for continuous control. The tank is equipped with agitation and liquid level visualization and pressure capabilities (POL/ISO and insulation configuration)。 The pressure of 4 bar in the tank is guaranteed by compressed air. The foaming system has flexible flow adjustment for each raw material and is easy to operate. The foaming system measures accurately, the metering pump uses Rexroth from Germany, and the pump should be able to adapt to a steplessly changing mixing ratio. The foaming system mixing head has an excellent automatic-cleaning system, leaving no residual material after cleaning. The mixing head should also have an automatic adjustment nozzle, which can automatically adjust the mixing pressure. The equipment can be run online without stopping the trolley movement system. When the output changes, the pressure should be maintained. The mixing ratio of polyols (including catalysts, flame retardants, and foaming agents) and isocyanates should be infinitely variable on the PLC. The flow output is automatically adjusted.
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