Program Control System
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Program Control System

Siemens original programming equipment, PUMA exclusive control software, simple operation, high control accuracy.
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  Siemens original programming equipment, PUMA exclusive control software, simple operation, high control accuracy.
  Main control cabinet panel keypad and display
  Application SIEMENS S7-300 PLC standard operating panel can set and display parameters. The said operation panel (disc) is the main control cabinet OP 27 LCD Siemens operation panel; with a keyboard and a display to set up and display the relevant working pages. The main functions are:
  Used to set various parameters. The capacity of the system is modeled to control all the tips installed on the device. You can see various functions on different pages on the operation panel.
  Can display:
  => alarm date
  => Alarm time
  => Alarm information
  The work page is displayed, select from the menu:
  => Isocyanate output alarm
  => Polyol output alarm
  => Alarms for other components
  => Ratio of six components
  In addition to the data described above, the following displays may appear after each fill:
  => Average output of isocyanate and polyol (total output divided by given time) and total output
  => Isocyanate weight, polyol weight and total weight (full charge)
  => Weight ratio of isocyanate to polyol and polyol to isocyanate
  Set the minimum and maximum parameters
  => The output of isocyanate and polyol is usually expressed in g/s (according to the alarm intervention, it is the actual output of the foaming machine)
  => set the output alarm with the proportion of polyol and isocyanate (it is the minimum and maximum alarm point for each component, it can set 4 outputs)
  - Coding calibration page
  => Polyol Calibration
  => Isocyanate calibration
  The calibration of six components mainly refers to the setting of the relative weight of the visible value of the effective output.
  Closed-loop control:
  The IOV (Input/Output Display System) system continuously reads the flow rate of each pump. In order to better control the output with a closed-loop system. The output is read by the IOV system, and the RPM (number of revolutions per minute) is adjusted by the inverter so that the six-component raw material output is correct, thereby ensuring product quality.
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