Full of enthusiasm for work, dedication to work as an employee - On employee spirit

Full of enthusiasm for work, dedication to work as an employee - On employee spirit

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On the evening of May 16, 2018, under the careful planning and organization of the company's administrative and human resources department, all employees participated in a training activity entitled “
  On the evening of May 16, 2018, under the careful planning and organization of the company's administrative and human resources department, all employees participated in a training activity entitled “What kind of employees do the company need” in the company's third-floor conference room? . The training was led by Mr. Zheng Aihua (Zheng Zheng), the company's vice president.
  At the beginning of the training, Teacher Zheng explained the importance of the spirit. Teacher Zheng said: “The employees with professional spirit are the outstanding employees, and the team that believes in teamwork is the outstanding team. The life with spirit is the rich and promising life.”


  So, what is the specific professional spirit? What kind of spirit should business people have? What kind of spirit is the spirit that companies need most? Next, Teacher Cheng answered everyone one by one.
  Teacher Zheng first mentioned: To be good at employees is to work with enthusiasm to work, to work hard with a determined attitude of “be sure to”, be clear about goals, review weaknesses, change yourself, adapt to the environment, Overcome difficulties and persevere. Opportunity is always favored by people who have work enthusiasm. Only when you have enthusiasm can you do your job as a business, can you achieve good results, be recognized, and you can stabilize your work before you can develop yourself. If you don't have enthusiasm, you can't do it well. Today you don't have enthusiasm, you don't work hard, and tomorrow you have to work hard to find a job
  This is the Kelly company!
  This is the spirit of Cory!
  This is the staff spirit!
  This is the spirit that Keli companies need!
  Business needs us and we need businesses. As an employee, we must always be ready to contribute to the development of the company and contribute to the effort! At the same time, we must believe and believe that as long as we adhere to principles, strengthen confidence, adhere to professional ethics, unite, and work hard, our tomorrow will be better, and Kelly's tomorrow will be even better!