Polyurethane raw material prices soar again, setting off a surge in polyurethane sheet prices

Polyurethane raw material prices soar again, setting off a surge in polyurethane sheet prices

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Leading Word: In April, due to the price adjustments by major manufacturers, the aggregated MDI was slightly higher. The spot in the venue was tight and the suppliers reluctantly sold and

  Leading Word: In April, due to the price adjustments by major manufacturers, the aggregated MDI was slightly higher. The spot in the venue was tight and the suppliers reluctantly sold and pulled up. The focus of the market negotiations was narrow. However, the downstream receiving capacity was relatively weak, the high transaction was blocked, trading was weak, the actual transaction showed signs of falling, and the price of polyurethane raw materials entered a new round of price increase cycle.



  The rising trend of polyurethane raw materials continues
   According to the latest news, the recent rapid increase in the prices of black raw materials across the country has made many companies that need polyurethane materials unattainable. The situation of major insulation board manufacturers is not optimistic and they have experienced unprecedented pressure.
   The black material will continue to rise sharply for a period of time each year. The price is extremely unstable, and the price of raw materials can be understood. However, the price increase such as black material is really unacceptable. Black material is a must-have raw material for polyurethane sheet. At present, there are no other raw materials that can be replaced. Especially for polyurethane boards with high quality and characteristics, the demand for black materials is large, resulting in higher raw material costs. The domestic polymerization MDI (polyurethane materials synthesized from isocyanate and polyols and their co-additives) market focuses on several domestic and international supply conditions, and if the supply of Wanhua, BASF, Huntsman, Covestro increases Big, the market may fall back, otherwise the market will continue to rise.
  Material Control Department strictly controls raw material procurement plan
   Starting from the second half of 2017, the Hubei Keli Material Control Department will monitor the future price trends of the purchased raw materials, from the laws of market changes in raw materials, supply and demand patterns, price trends, data data, combined with data models, the future of the market. Trends made scientific predictions, adjusted company procurement plans in a timely manner, and purchased raw materials for polyurethanes through foreign import channels.
  Although the price of black material has risen sharply, it has not had any practical impact on Hubei Kelly.


  Strictly implementing the agreement and practicing the spirit of the contract
  The demand for polyurethanes has increased dramatically. At present, polyurethane cold storage panels have a large share in the energy-saving and heat-insulating board market, and competition will continue to be fierce. It is particularly important for polyurethane panel manufacturers to choose safe products.
  Since Hubei Corley's Material Control Department had previously planned a step-by-step procurement plan, the increase in raw material prices in this round had no impact on the production of Hubei Keli. Please do not worry about the customer friends who cooperated with Hubei Kelly. We will ”continue to stabilize To provide customers with high-quality cold-storage plates, in strict accordance with the terms of the contract and the agreed time schedule, the quality and quantity to fully cooperate with the smooth progress of project duration!